Lekker Long board

Quick Overview


Handle: Leather Strap

Wood: Kiaat

Colour: Shades of blue with two layers of foamy waves

Size:  61 cm x 14 cm 

Due to resin's uniqueness, the board on the pic might slightly vary from the one you receive - but they still from the same family :) 

It will certainly look similar but there is no way to produce two identical boards. Resin has a mind of its own, so the drape as the resin falls will look different. It’s what gives each board such a unique personality. It’s also quite difficult to photograph these boards accurately due to how shiny resin is – light bounces off like crazy! This also results in a little bit of color distortion. For example, my emerald green resin can actually look blue in some lights. What is uniform across ALL my boards though, is that clients tell me that the photos don’t do the boards justice. They are so much more beautiful than cameras can depict.

" Take the guesswork out of decorating a beautiful table when entertaining guests. Sure, you could fiddle with table cloths and candles, serviette holders…or you could pull out your Ruby Tuesday Resin collection and let it do the work for you!


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